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Russian Deep Purple Community

Long Live Rock'n'Roll!

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a 200, a gypsy's kiss, abandon, and the address, anya, april, artwoods, bad attitude, bananas, before time began, black night, black sabbath, blackmore's night, burn, butterfly ball, child in time, clearly quite absurd, come taste the band, contact lost, coronarias redig, cozy powell, david coverdale, deep purple, demon's eye, dio, dixie dregs, don airey, don't hold your breath, elf, episode six, fireball, fools, gillan, glenn hughes, glory road, hey joe, highway star, house of blue light, house of pain, hush, ian gillan, ian gillan band, ian paice, in rock, jesus christ superstar, joe lynn turner, joe satriani, jon lord, knocking at your backdoor, lazy, listen learn read on, love conquers all, machine head, malcolm arnold, mandrake root, maybe i'm a leo, misteated, mitzi dupree, never before, nick simper, paice ashton lord, paul mann, perfect strangers, pictures of home, purpendicular, purpendicular waltz, rainbow, rapture of the deep, rising, ritchie blackmore, rod evans, roger glover, ronnie james dio, sarabande, satch boogie, shades of deep purple, silver tongue, slaves and masters, smoke on the water, soldier of fortune, solitaire, somebody stole my guitar, space truckin', speed king, steve morse, steve morse band, stormbringer, strange kind of woman, strangeways, ted the mechanic, the battle rages on, the book of taliesyn, the cut runs deep, the gemini suite live, the gypsy, this time around, tommy bolin, well dressed guitar, whitesnake, woman from tokyo, wring that neck, you fool no one, you keep on moving


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Social capital

  • less than 10